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How To Clean Fabric Sofa Without Water


Cleaning a fabric sofa is a lot like cleaning any other type of upholstered furniture. The main difference between fabric and leather sofas is that you should use different types of cleaners for each. So continue reading this article to know more about cleaning fabric sofas without water.

Use A Vacuum & Clean Fabric Sofas Without Water

You should vacuum your fabric sofa weekly, especially in high-traffic areas like the corners and where many people sit on the couch. 

A crevice tool is a great tool to use for getting into those hard-to-reach places on sofas, as well as between cushions and backrests. This will ensure that all dirt is removed from your sofa and keep it looking clean!


Clean cushions as well as backs of sofas. While most people tend to only clean their upholstery when they notice stains or spills, it’s important that you regularly clean your entire sofa—including its cushions—so that you don’t end up with stained or dirty fabric over time. Visit for some special sofa’s collection

When cleaning upholstery such as this, always make sure not only do you vacuum but also use an attachment specifically designed for removing pet hair (like one made specifically with soft bristles). 

If there are any stubborn hairs left behind after vacuuming them off then grab a lint roller which works wonders at getting rid of those hard-to-reach ones which may have been missed during vacuuming.

Remove Pet Hair With The Lint Roller

If you’re dealing with a large amount of pet hair, a lint roller can be your best friend. You’ll find them in almost any grocery store or big box store. They’re cheap and they work great! 

You can use them to remove pet hair from clothes, furniture and event carpeting. These little rollers are especially helpful when it comes to cleaning fabric sofas since they’re easy to store and easy on your wallet too!

If you have pets that shed or if you’ve ever been on an all-night car ride with someone who sheds, then chances are that at some point in your life there will be an abundance of fur covering everything around you (and probably inside of you). This includes the couch in front of which I’m sitting as I write this article!

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Of course, there are many different ways to remove pet hair from your couch. The most common methods include vacuuming, dusting and sweeping. You can also use steam cleaners or even remove the cushions and wash them by hand.

Use Fabric Cleaner Or Hydrogen Peroxide For Stains

If you have a stain on your couch, follow these steps:

  • Use a small amount of cleaner on the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes before rubbing it with a damp cloth.
  • Rinse with clean water and dry with a clean cloth. The stain should be gone! If not, try mixing hydrogen peroxide or another special cleaner (which might be available at your local drugstore) with water until you have enough to cover the entire area where the stain is located. Make sure to blot with paper towels instead of scrubbing—this will help break up any oil that may be causing your problem in the first place!

If this doesn’t work, try using a simple mixture of baking soda and water instead. This should also help to remove the stain! If you’re still having trouble getting rid of the stain, try using a special oil-removing product.

Some of these can be found at your local grocery store. Just make sure to read the label before using!

You Can Make Your Fabric Sofa Look Brand New

When it comes to clean your fabric sofas without water, you have a lot of options. You can use spot cleaners or hydrogen peroxide to remove stains (and keep them from setting in), or you can use a specific type of vacuum cleaner that won’t leave behind any lint on your sofa. Whether you choose to clean your couch every two months or every six months, these tips will help keep it looking brand new!

Clean Fabric Sofas Without Water

The first thing you should do when cleaning a fabric couch is vacuum the entire thing with an upholstery attachment and crevice tool. This will get rid of any pet hair and other debris that may have accumulated over time. If there are already stains on the fabric, this step will help lift them off so they’re easier to wash away later.* Use A Lint Roller To Remove Pet Hair

There are lots of different options available when it comes to spot cleaners—some work better than others depending on what kind of stain needs removal.* Clean Your Sofa Every 2-3 Months While You’re At It! Once everything has been vacuumed away and all visible dirt has been removed from the surface itself, now’s time for some deep down scrubbing action! 

A soft brush works great here due its ability to get into those nooks and crannies without damaging delicate material surfaces like leathers might be susceptible too.* Use A Specific Type Of Vacuum Cleaner That Won’t Leave Behind Any Lint On Your Couch


When you clean a fabric sofa, you want to make sure that you don’t ruin the fabric. A lot of people think they can just throw their sofas in the washing machine, but it will ruin them! We recommend using a vacuum cleaner instead. If there are stains on your fabric sofa, try using some hydrogen peroxide or another cleaning solution first before resorting to soap or water solutions.

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