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Pure Lambswool 2000 Pocket Sprung Feather Soft Mattress
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As the name suggests, this stunning Feather Soft 2000 pocket spring mattress is 28cm deep and filled with Pure Lamb’s Wool, Pure Lambswool 2000 Pocket Sprung provide excellent comfort, and luxury feel with high 2000 pocket spring counts. The one of the finest mattress, perfect for everyone regardless of their preference. Splendid mattress base includes special hand tufts to provide all filling in place. Pure Lambswool 2000 Pocket Sprung also provides smooth and full body support and has a hand-crafted 3 row border which adds strength to the mattress. The finest quality silk fabric gives the mattress an edge and a luxurious feel. The strong high pocket count core with generous wool fillings which gives a superb level of comfort.

The Feather Soft 2000 is not only comfortable but also provides a smooth and sturdy surface. The dual-sided mattress enhanced the level of durability with special air vents. Feather Soft mattress is double sided which means it have the same filling both sides results long lasting and durability.

The pocket spring is specially designed to support the full body as they work individually and independently. Pocket Spring provides the highest level of support and prevent any pressure points on the body.

2000 Individual Pocket Spring Unit
Wire Edge Rod for Extra Support
Medium to Firm Comfort Support
Pure Lamb’s Wool Fillings
Finest Quality Woven, Silk Fabric
Special Hand Tufts
Quality Stitched Handles
Hand Crafted 3 Row Side Border
Air Vents
Double Sided Mattress


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