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4FT Elizbaeth Bespoke Bed
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4FT Elizbaeth Bespoke Bed

Embrace the allure of bespoke indulgence with the 4FT Elizabeth Bespoke Bed, where every dream finds its regal haven.Hand-constructed with meticulous attention, it transcends conventional design, merging opulent fabrics with intricate detailing. Designed in the 4FT size, it’s an intimate space for individual indulgence or shared comfort. This isn’t merely a bed; it’s an embodiment of your distinct taste, transforming your bedroom into a realm of regal repose. Let the Elizabeth Bespoke Bed be the canvas of your dreams, where artistry and comfort coalesce, creating a sleep haven that’s authentically yours.


  • Customized Elegance: The 4FT Elizabeth Bespoke Bed redefines luxury through personalized design, allowing you to curate a bed that perfectly aligns with your style and preferences.
  • Artisanal Craftsmanship: Handcrafted to perfection, this bed is a testament to artisanal expertise, showcasing intricate detailing and exceptional quality that elevates your bedroom.
  • Intimate 4FT Size:4FT size balances snugness and space, cocooning relaxation for individual comfort or shared intimacy
  • Opulent Fabrics: Luxuriate in sumptuous fabrics that envelop you in comfort and elegance, transforming your bed into a visual and tactile masterpiece.
  • Unique Detailing: Intricate patterns and detailing set the Elizabeth Bespoke Bed apart, adding a touch of exclusivity and making your bed a statement piece.
  • Regal Sanctuary: Experience nightly opulence as the bed’s bespoke design and sumptuous comfort create a sanctuary fit for royalty.
  • Reflection of Style: The bed becomes a canvas for your unique taste, merging artistry with functionality to express your individuality in the most intimate space of all.
  • Attractive Bed
  • Modern Design
  • Comfortable 
  • Available with Mattress
  • Quick assembling
  • various fabrics 

Florida Bed Sizes

  • 4Ft-Small Double 
  • 4Ft6-Double
  • 5Ft-King Size
  • 6Ft-Super King 

Ottoman Gas Lift

  • Available when needed

Other Services:

  • Assembly on site
  • Packaging takeaway

Double : 61″ Width, 84″ Length
King-size : 67″ Width, 86″ Length
Superking : 79″ Width, 86″ Length

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