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4FT bespoke BEDS

  • Maddox Bed - Lovemybedss Cushioned Headboard Ottoman Bed,4FT Ambassador Bed

    4FT Ambassador Bed

    £699.00 £1,398.00
  • Arizona Wing Line Panelled Bed

    4FT Arizona Wing Bed

    £499.00 £898.00
  • Bliss Bed In Plush Silver Double Kingsize Superking

    4ft Double Bliss Bed

    £449.00 £898.00
  • Chateaux Bed, Chateaux Bespoke Wall Headboard Bed,4ft Wall Headboard Bed

    4ft Double Size Chateaux Bespoke Wall Headboard Bed

  • Westminster Bed UPTO 50% OFF at Love My Bedss ,4ft Double Bed

    4ft Double Westminster Bed

    £599.00 £1,198.00
  • Elizabeth Upholstered Bespoke Bed

    4FT Elizbaeth Bespoke Bed

    £699.00 £1,398.00
  • Zara Line Bed Valentino Bed

    4FT Zara Line Bed

    £499.00 £998.00
  • Art Deco Beds,Tower bed

    Art Deco Tower 4FT Bed

    £449.00 £898.00


We are Luxury Bed Specialists that specialise in the most luxurious bespoke bed’s made with the highest level of craftsmanship. With an incredible range of choice all our products can be customised to your liking with a huge range of fabric choices. Our manufacturing facility is based in the heart of Yorkshire, with over 40 years experience in this field we can design any bed including any bespoke requests within a short time frame. We have an extremely quick turnaround from the point of order to the point of delivery with it usually being a week only! Order online today via our website or send us an DM to enquire more about our products and delivery information. We are available 7 days a week!