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Bedroom Chest Of Drawers Decorating Ideas

If you’ve got a spare bedroom chest of drawers and a few extra dollars to spend, consider adding a chest of drawers. They’re inexpensive, but they can add personality to the space. But if you don’t want to do much more than slap some paint on it and call it good, that’s okay too! Just take these tips for decorating your new chest of drawers and make it your own:

Add A Tray On Top

Add a tray on top. The top of the chest is great for displaying decorative items, but you can also use it to store items that you don’t want to get lost in the drawers below. It could be used as a catchall or even to hold keys and other small items that are always getting lost in your home.

Add a mirror on the back of the chest. If you want to make your new piece of furniture more attractive, try adding a mirror on the back. You can use it as a way to add light into the room or simply for decorative purposes.

Style Each Drawer By Category

You can style each drawer by category. Use a different color for each drawer, a different pattern for each drawer, a different material for each drawer, a different size for each drawer or even a different style of drawers if you want. You can also mix and match these options to create an eclectic look! 

If you want to create a more organized space, then try styling each drawer by category. For example, you could use one drawer for jewelry, one drawer for scarves and hats and another drawer for your keys. You could also use drawers to store knitting supplies or sewing supplies.

Create A Theme For Each Bedroom Chest Of Drawers

Create a theme for each drawer. Use a different color or pattern, such as stripes or polka dots, in each drawer. You could also use a different style of hardware or material to give each piece its own unique look and feel.

Make it seasonal! You can easily change the look of your chest of drawers based on the season by changing out the linens on top of your drawers (or inside them). In spring and summer months when you might be going through lighter bedding, opt for brighter colors; in autumn and winter days when you’re snuggling up under comforters, choose more muted tones that won’t clash with everything else in your room!

Label The Drawers

Labeling your bedroom chest of drawers is the perfect way to stay organized and make those dresser drawers work for you. If you don’t have enough room for labels on the inside of your chest of drawers, then consider labeling them from the outside with chalkboard paint or stickers. If these options aren’t possible either, then use a label maker that attaches to the drawer itself so it can’t be removed without damaging it.

If you’re looking for a way to add some personality and fun to your bedroom, then consider adding some colorful drawer pulls. These can be purchased at any home improvement store or online, so it’s easy to find something that matches the rest of your bedroom decor.

Store Extra Linens

You’ll want to store extra linens in the chest of drawers. You can use the bottom drawer for bed sheets, and the top drawer for towels and washcloths. This will help keep these items organized so that you can easily grab what you need when it’s time to make your bed or get ready after a shower. Visit now

Use the top drawer for miscellaneous items The top drawer is a great place to store other things you may need in your bedroom, such as extra batteries for your remote control and lamps. You can also use it for storing makeup or jewelry that you don’t wear every day.

Display Your Favorite Books

Your bookshelf is a great place to display your favorite books, but you can also use other decorative items to set it apart. For example, bookends are an excellent way to add visual interest and make your books more interesting. They’re also functional—you’ll be able to keep them neat and organized on your shelf.

If you want to get creative with your bookends, there are plenty of options available online that are cheap and easy to install. You don’t have much space for creativity on top of the chest itself (where most people put their drawers), so this is one area where a little bit goes a long way!


You can add a tray on top of your chest to hold small items, or use it as a surface to put out candles or flowers. You may want to divide your drawers by category (such as socks, underwear and shirts) so that they are easy to find and stay organized. You can also create a theme for each drawer; for instance if you want it to look like an ocean scene then fill it with seashells and starfish. Label the drawers so that everyone knows where everything goes when putting away their laundry at night!

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